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Cincinnati Chiropractors For Wellness

Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker

Drs. Patrick and Paul Baker

Drs. Patrick & Paul Baker

Both Dr. Patrick Baker and Dr. Paul Baker have always wanted to be chiropractors. After receiving chiropractic care as children they both realized the benefits of the care and realized that chiropractic was their career choice.

They attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1993.

A Chiropractic Philosophy For Success

Their practice philosophy is that people are much happier and healthier when their bodies are freed from chronic and nagging pain. “We both are on a mission to help people achieve a better state of health through our chiropractic practice and our BEAT personal training centers,” explains Dr. Patrick Baker.

Both chiropractors work out all the time, enjoy spending time with their families and like to do motivational speaking. They eat very clean – no sugar! “We practice what we preach,” says Dr. Paul Baker.

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